“Herbarium” graphic series, 2012-2017, acrilyc on paper, 30x40 cm.

2012, H.L.A.M. Gallery, Voronezh, Russia.
2016, Peresvetov Pereulok Gallery, Moscow, Russia.

In 1998 in Grafsky nature reserve I collected a herbarium of common plants of water meadow and pine forest.

Herbarium is a particular kind of knowledge. It combines ingenuous study of the world with huge analytic apparatus, created by generations of diligent botanists.

I’ve copied in drawings those old herbarium leaf-to-leaf and thereby made imaginary friends among plants. I’ve identified their genera and species. But what does this mean? Isn’t this knowledge of plants (wider: the world) a self-deception? Linnaeus believed in this knowledge. I permit myself to be old-fashioned and do the same.

Looking farther of my allied herbs I’m trying to understand realm from what they were taken and its relationships with humanity.

My questions to plants result in feeling of nature as an empty ocean.

The world turned out hostile twice. At first just because of its fact indifference to all human. At second because of marginalization of living knowledge.

Herbarium, drawing – only these obsolete ways of knowledge make possible for me to return a part of alienated world.

Then I keeped on to collect and draw plants.