Ilya Dolgov. Artist. Born in 1984 in Voronezh, Russia. Lives and works in Kronshtadt, Russia.

In 2006 graduated from Voronezh state university, where studied psychology. In 2009 studied in Moscow institute of contemporary art.

Co-founder of Voronezh center for contemporary art. Winner of the “Innovation 2012” Russian state award in the sphere of contemporary art, “The best regional project” nomination. Nominee of the “Kandinskiy Prize” for contemporary art in 2013 and 2015. Winner of the granting program of the “Garage” museum of contemporary art in 2013. Winner of the “Credit Suisse and Cosmoscow art prize for young artists 2016”. Works with XL Gallery (Moscow).

Works are found in private of Russia and Europe, collections of Moscow Museum of Modern Art and Voronezh Literary Museum. Author of the “Garage” magazine and “Moscow art magazine”.

Artist’s projects are oriented toward finding/growing new ways of relations with nature, resulting in installations, texts, graphics and videos.


— 2001-2006, Voronezh state university, Philosophy and Psychology


— 2019 “Breathing”-4, Rosa House of Culture, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

— 2019 “Metabolic Design”, XL Gallery, Moscow, Russia.

— 2019 “Flaming Archipelago”, Vadim Sidur Museum, Moscow, Russia.

— 2018 “Drinking Set for Irises”, FFTN space, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

— 2017 “Reef”, XL Gallery, Moscow, Russia.

— 2016 “Herbarium”, Peresvetov pereulok gallery, Moscow, Russia.

— 2013—ongoing. “Forest Journal”, web-based research project,

— 2015 “Model of Nature, Goethe’s model”, XL Gallery, Moscow, Russia.

— 2014 “Azoikum”, Büro für kulturelle Übersetzungen, Leipzig, Germany.

— 2013 “Azoic”, Moscow zoological museum, supported by Gallery 21, Russia.

— 2012 “Herbarium”, H.L.A.M. gallery, Voronezh, Russia.

— 2010 “Simple Machines”, in collaboration with Polly, H.L.A.M. gallery, Voronezh, Russia.

— 2009 “Utopia is What You Need, But You is Not Utopia Has Need For”, Voronezh center for contemporary art, Voronezh, Russia.



— “Botanical illustration”, Darwin Museum, Moscow, Russia.

— “The Most Northern Chinatown (Barents Spektakel 2019)”, Kirkenes, Norway.


— “Mir: the village and the world”, Main project of the XII Krasnoyarsk Museum Biennale, Ploshchad Mira Museum Centre, Krasnoyarsk, Russia.

— “So Close, So Far”, Taiga art space, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

— “Wild Flowers (wildness is contextual!)”, Narrative Projects Gallery, London, UK.

— “Living Alive”, National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow

— “Garage Triennial of Russian Contemporary Art”, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow

— “Elegance”, Russiantearoom gallery and curating agency, Paris


— “Badlands”, Zarya center for contemporary art, Vladivostok, Russia.

— “Constructing the Future”, Russian national children library, Moscow, Russia.

— “Nature”, Victoria Gallery, Samara, Russia.

— “Experiences of the Imaginary”, New Holland: Cultural Urbanisation project, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

— “Living Alive”, Arsenal center for contemporary art, Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia.


— “Observation of the open space”, Divnogorie national reserve and museum, Russia.

— “Phantom show”, city intervention, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.


— “Not Museum”, Manifesta X parallel program, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

— “One Place Next to Another”, Winzavod center for contemporary art, Moscow, Russia.

— “Detective”, Moscow museum of contemporary art, Moscow, Russia.

— “To Catch a Tortoise”, Krasnodar institute of contemporary art, Krasnodar, Russia.


— “No Water Tomorrow”, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Russia.

— “Space Lab”, Spinnerei, MITost fesival, Leipzig, Germany.


— “Awaiting Environment”, Gallery 21, Moscow, Russia.

— “Strategical project”, 3rd Moscow biennale of young art, Russia.

— “Seems Something is Missing Here”, Winzavod centre for contemporary art, Moscow, Russia.


— “Practical Knowledge”, GMG gallery, Moscow, Russia.

— “Phantom Monuments”, Garage museum of contemporary art, Moscow, Russia.

— “Forms of Rational”, H.L.A.M gallery, Voronezh, Russia.


— “Live Museum of Performance”, VCCA, Voronezh, Russia.

— “Taming Time”, Project Fabrika, Moscow, Russia.

— “Foundations”, VCCA, Voronezh, Russia.


— “The Next Step is Ours!”, VCCA, Voronezh, Russia.

— “Care” land-art festival, Divnogorie national park, Russia.

— “Can’t Take It Anymore”, VCCA, Voronezh, Russia.


— Member of art groups “Border Investigations” and “Popular Border Investigations”, Voronezh, Russia.

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