Model of Nature, Goethe’s model

2015, XL Gallery, Moscow

Model of Nature, Goethe’s model is an installation clashing three strategies of studying nature in one space embodiment.

First strategy is used in “Forest Journal” – artist’s long-term research project which aims to answer the question “What nature is?” through observations, Natural philosophy speculations and visual intuitions. Phenomena described in “Forest Journal” become narrative of the installation.

Second strategy is natural-science epistemology Goethe’s theory, so-called “careful empiricism”. This monistic conception of direct communication between observer and observed reality influenced the choice and use of materials in installation and also appeared as a separated model.

Third strategy is a well-known mathematical interpretation of biological morphology by D’Arcy Thompson. His ideas appeared necessary, when it came to unfold in space the narrative and the material of two strategies above.

Despite of huge difference in scale, essence and positions these three approaches of nature investigation pass through test of space, matter, and human experience together.