Februry 2019, commission for Barents Spektakel 2019 “The World’s Northernmost Chinatown”, Kirkenes, Norway.

Video, duration 28:44.

In September I brought plant seeds, which were collected in the Sør-Varanger land. In October parcels with orders from Aliexpress were delivered. Now we were able to start establishing our northern garden, the garden in 1000 kilometers from its north.


We are the plants, sleeping in seeds, ready to begin their lifecycle, their labor with light, water, warmth and soil. Ready to dance, extend, grow. Plants which bring knowledge and ways of their distant habitat in their own bodies and needs.

We are the electronic and mechanic entities, both small and big. LEDs, which feed plans with light, microcontrollers, which run the leds, power drivers, which supply leds with energy, the old and good photo lens, which bakes so dense and corporeal images.

We are the memories, associations, skills, care and worries of mine, one of the humans. It is experience of one particular travel, affection for plants growing and working with material.

We are the endless fabrics and warehouses of Chine with its laborers, the ways of global retail and delivery, which entwine the whole planet, supplying our garden with its devices.

Together we are slowing and calming down, compiling from pieces our aliexpressnordgarden.

The garden will not try to reproduce its far source or to grasp its essence — aliexpress embessadors are against the idea of genuineness. The garden will not have any concept or message — the plant folks state, that they are the concept and the message themselves. The garden will not be rooted or sustainable — the global flows pass through it as well.

We are just intending to tie a knot, to make a garden, which will not be neither authentic nor fake, global nor aboriginal, natural nor artificial — but still will live. Not native or intimate for anybody, it may become the new habitat for somebodies/somethings.

Stills from video