2013, Moscow zoological museum, supported by Gallery 21

Azoic is an Earth eon, during which biological, machine and cultural yet not disintegrate into different versions of living. This point of fusion has to be found in nowadays. The goal is to make a list of non-humans, chimeras, beasts that populated world once and now come back.

There’re two ways to identify these beings.

The first is to single out from everyday reality. Azoic is a street cleansing machine and its operator, watering flowerbed. It is a population burst of midges, which block work of night stores in only one district. It is tracers in abandoned buildings.

The second way is to invent these beings. The result is azoids – imaginary species, ancestor chimeras, life form schemes.

These two poles unite in museum like project. Azoic is a natural history museum, and local history museum, with all its excess, dust and indexes. This museum also is the only locality for azoids. Archive is their lair.