“Breathing”-4 / Ilya Dolgov

2019 November 15-20 , Rosa House of Culture, Saint-Petersburg.

Soundscape, writing, object series
As part of a series of exhibitions offering various approaches to the definition of post-Soviet, initiated and curated by the artist Anastasia Vepreva.

In my project I reproduce the post-Soviet as a meditative technique, a micro pause in the breathing motion, a special mode of life of industrial and semantic systems, a shadow among the midday brightness. Starting from two ways of handling this micro pause (esoteric/technological), I hope to find another link between the relationship with it and its meaning. The exhibition is made up of objects-cycles that invite us to adjust our own speed, metabolism and mental activity to them. Responding to the hospitality of the active-procedural environment of the Rose House of Culture, I propose to feel and produce in this stream a cautious shadow whirl, which carries new interfaces and ways of cooperation with our -expanded- environment of life and history.

Text part of the project