Ilya Dolgov

Ilya Dolgov. Artist, indoor gardener, UI/UX designer. Born in 1984 in Voronezh, Russia. Lives and works in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

The life and professional interests of Ilya Dolgov lie in the intermediate zone between art, plant growing and natural philosophy. In installations, texts, online projects, communicative situations, the artist seeks to initiate co-participation in the emergence of nature.

Co-founder of Voronezh center for contemporary art. Winner of the “Innovation 2012” Russian state award in the sphere of contemporary art, “The best regional project” nomination. Nominee of the “Kandinskiy Prize” for contemporary art in 2013 and 2015. Winner of the granting program of the “Garage” museum of contemporary art in 2013. Winner of the “Credit Suisse and Cosmoscow art prize for young artists 2016”. Works with XL Gallery (Moscow).

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